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IP Regional Integration and Collaboration - Overview

ECAP III Phase II is structured into four main components that aim at achieving the objectives and results approved by ASEAN and the EU in 2012. They directly relate to four of the strategic goal areas identified in the ASEAN IPR Action Plan 2011-2015. Under each project component, the activities necessary to achieve the project objectives and expected results are organised under activity clusters.


IP Regional Integration and Collaboration is one of the four project components. This project component comprises activities aimed at enhancing IP integration within the ASEAN region and strengthening IP collaboration among the ASEAN Member States and with the ASEAN Secretariat, in line with Strategic Goal 5 of the ASEAN IPR Action Plan 2011-2015.


This project component focuses on the key role played by ASEAN Members States, AWGIPC and ASEC in supporting and co-ordinating the implementation of regional policies and programmes on IP within the region, principally the ASEAN IPR Action Plan 2011-2015 and the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint as far as IPRs are concerned.


Within this context, the ASEAN IP Offices have a crucial role to play in fostering IP integration and harmonization in the ASEAN region.  The project supports initiatives by these Offices aimed at developing and adopting common management and information tools as well as favouring the convergence of Office practices.


In addition, there is need to enhance the human and institutional capabilities of ASEC to coordinate, assess and report on regional IP policy implementation, and ensure IP has an appropriate profile on the regional agenda and amongst ASEAN’s political and business leaders.  The project contributes to enhance ASEC’s human capabilities in this respect.


The beneficiaries and target groups for activities under this component are the AWGIPC, the ASEAN Secretariat and the ASEAN IP Offices.


The project expected result correlated to this project component is to achieve enhanced IP integration within the ASEAN region and strengthened IP collaboration among ASEAN Member States and with the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC).


The activities under this project component are grouped in three activity clusters, focusing on the following areas:

  • ASEAN IP Offices Common Tools  Learn more…
  • Information Sharing and Convergence of Practices among ASEAN IP Offices  Learn more…
  • Enhanced IP Capacity in the ASEAN Secretariat  Learn more…


You can learn more about each activity cluster by pressing on each of the areas indicated above.