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SEPT-OCT 2015 - National Open Seminar GIs - ID,TH, KH,VN

Four one-day national roving seminars on the protection and promotion of geographical indications took place in Medan (Indonesia, on 22 September),Bangkok (Thailand, on 13 October 2015), Phnom Penh (Cambodia, on 19 October) and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam, on 21 October).

These one-day seminars focused on the benefits of GI protection as a way of increasing the value and quality of GIs in the region, and how to register GIs in the hosting countries and in the EU, which is very important if they wish to export their products outside the ASEAN region.The expert also referred to the existing EU registration for GIs from the hosting countries, and explained the different process to register non-EU GIs in the EU.


The seminar was conducted by an GI Control expert and attended by the Deputy Director General of the Department of Intellectual Property of the hosting country, the ECAP Project Leader and government officials and representatives from the various branches of the hosting country government.