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JUN 2015 - Creative ASEAN Design Competition 2015



We are pleased to announce the winners of the Creative ASEAN Jewellery Design Competition 2015, launched by the ASEAN IP Offices with the collaboration of ECAP III.


The aim of this competition is to raise awareness about the role of IP in promoting creativity and disseminating the importance of designs as a powerful marketing tool among the business community.


The competition has been structured in two phases, a first phase at national level, resulting in the selection of up to five finalists per country to compete in a second regional phase, which subsequently resulted in the selection of the best jewellery design work for each country.



  • Winner : Ms Yusrina Abdullah
  • Design name : Homegrown
  • Description: The bracelet is a poetic interpretation of Brunei’s nature, representing its abundance of flora, fauna and natural elements such as the sand and the twigs. The complexity of sandcasting technique to create the piece makes it unique.


  • Winner : Ms Evi Wijaya
  • Design name : Let It Flow
  • Description: The innovation of the piece results in the harmony between the whole body and the jewel that once is worn becomes spectacular. Moreover, the appropriate materials chosen make the structure strength and light.


  • Winner : Ms Chansy Vichitthvongsa
  • Design name : Champa Flower and Tamarin Leaves
  • Description: The Designer has successfully combined the abundance and proportion of the piece by judicious and elegant arrangement.


  • Winner : Ms Farah Izaura Binti Rohaizad
  • Design name : The Exotic Orchid Collection
  • Description: This exotic masterpiece is inspired by Asian flower and textile in particular the Orchid and Batik of Malaysia that are stamped to create Batik pattern effect that gives a strike and innovative aspect.


  • Winner : Mr Okkar Kyaw
  • Design name : Red Indian Brooch
  • Description: The creation incorporates several cultures as part of the author’s creative practice. The good combination of colours together with the precious the material such as rubies used give to the brooch an elegance appearance.


  • Winner : Ms Milagros B. Imsom
  • Design name : Serpent
  • Description: This dynamic piece made in brass and hand crafted in a local goldsmith shows an interesting update of a traditional technique of filigree. The Designer introduces asymmetry to the necklace which makes it a unique piece.


  • Winner : Ms Teng Siow Lee
  • Design name : Ever Foliage
  • Description: The Designer made use of jade in a contemporary way to compose this jewel evocating nature in a poetic way. The great labour dedicated at its conception makes it light and youthful.


  • Winner : Ms Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon
  • Design name : Fairly Fairy
  • Description: The use of acrylics, resins and other non-conventional materials and techniques like 3D printing make this creation a good example of a creative and innovative approach of technology. The results are striking, colourful, energetic and contemporary. The risks taken by the Designer in the conception process have been rewarded with a special mention from the Jury.


  • Winner : Ms Tran Thi Hue
  • Design name : Spring of Peace
  • Description: The use of broad variety techniques likes engraving or hand settings show the fabulous work of craftsmanship. As a result, the collection is poetic, narrative and evokes a garden around the neck once worn.