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Launching of the ASEAN IP Portal

26 April 2013

The ASEAN IP Portal, the Official Intellectual Property Website of the ASEAN, was launched on 26th April 2013 and is accessible at


This represents a significant milestone in the implementation of the ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Action Plan 2011-2015, as the development and release of a comprehensive IP information system in the region is one of its more tangible outputs.


The aim of this communication tool is to increase the accessibility to information, which will contribute to raise the level of IP awareness in the ASEAN region and strengthen the IP systems of the ASEAN Member States, while creating a stronger presence for ASEAN on the global IP scene.


The IP Portal includes information on ASEAN IP systems, comparative IP-related data, and web links to ASEAN IP Offices, and facilitates the information flow within the region's IP knowledge network enabling stakeholders to access relevant information.


ECAP III Phase II has been committed to support this initiative from start, having already provided data to feed this portal prior to its initial launch. ECAP III foresees further contributions concerning IP-related information associated to the different project activities that will be implemented in the region within the next three years.