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The Executive Director of EUIPO at the 41st AWGIPC Meeting in Chiang Mai

17 July 2013

Mr António Campinos, Executive Director of EUIPO, attended an ASEAN-EUIPO Consultation on the occasion of the 41st AWGIPC meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


He addressed delegates on EUIPO-ASEAN cooperation and gave an overview on the ECAP III, Phase II EU-funded IPR project, which has been entrusted to the Office.


The Executive Director stressed EUIPO´s readiness to transfer the experience gained at EU-member-state level, through the  projects carried out both under the EUIPO´s Cooperation Fund and Convergence Programme, and shared with the participants the EU approach to convergence of practices.


Delegates welcomed EUIPO's proposal to proceed with enhanced cooperation, allowing AMS to join in project activities when deemed appropriate while allowing interested countries to start with project implementation at early stages.